Too Many Hats

I remember walking down the hospital corridor telling the Lord, “I don’t know how to do this?” You see, I wear so many hats: Wife’s hat, mom’s hat, daughter’s hat, pastor’s wife’s and minister ‘s hat, maid’s hat, chauffeur’s hat, nurses’s hat, teacher’s and cook’s hat - to name a few. The Lord very clearly but quietly spoke to my heart and said , “You only have to be a mother and a daughter.” “ I sighed with relief, “I can do that.” I only had to be Jeremy’s mother and God’s daughter. I somehow knew that God would take care of the rest. The peace that passes all understanding was tangibly felt as I continued walking to the Cardiac ICU floor.

I had never walked through so much responsibility all at one time. I was in crisis mode - as I walked down this path...I knew I was not alone. It took one word from the Lord that made all the difference.

Have you ever felt like that, so overwhelmed with the crisis of life that you didn’t know what to do? Jesus said “I will never leave you or forsake you.” And “my peace I leave with you...” God knows what’s in your heart and sees the spinning in your mind. He will always walk with you as you draw close to Him. He draws close to you.

Even though Jeremy was fighting for his life, those that love him all face the challenge. We have to grapple with our own humanity. God teaches us that we all need Him. He is there every moment. When you need Him the most he is carrying you.

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